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Micromed is an international medical device company delivering reliable, flexible and efficient solutions in neurophysiology that stem from partnerships with hospitals and research centers across North America and Europe. Micromed offers solutions that are defined by our customers and designed, developed and manufactured by us.

Micromed is trusted by the nation’s most reputable hospitals to deliver high quality, cost effective and clinically relevant Intensive Care and Epilepsy Monitoring solutions including EEG and LTM systems for adult and pediatric patients. As the premier provider of neurology solutions in Europe, Micromed systems are FDA cleared and available in the United States. Micromed is focused exclusively on neurology hardware and software, driving continuous product development and customer support, dedicated to meeting the needs of physicians, technicians and patients worldwide.

Our range of products includes EEG and Long Term Monitoring for the ICU, EMU and home.

“Designing and developing CUSTOMER DEFINED solutions brings us closer to our customers”

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From installation and training to troubleshooting throughout the life of the product, Micromed will provide unmatched customer support and resolution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Every hospital has unique configuration, IT and installation requirements, and our customers rely on us for a turn-key installation and seamless system turn-up, every time. You will not find a more dedicated, knowledgeable team to ensure your system is performing to your high expectations from day one.

Our North American integration and support services teams are located in Ambler, just outside Philadelphia, PA.