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Micromed was founded in 1982 by Mr. Claudio Perissinotto and Dr. Cipriano Castelllaro.

From the beginning, we have developed innovative, cost effective products for recording and editing complex EEG signals.

1983: We developed the first 2 channel EEG ambulatory recorder.

1986: BRAIN SPY, an innovative 12 channel EEG ambulatory recorder was introduced, working on a CPU with a CRT screen to view the data.

1988: We developed the first true 24 channel digital EEG system. It was the first system named BRAIN QUICK – System 1, running under MS-DOS.

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1993: We released a new high sampling rate 32 channel amplifier the BQ 132.

1994: A new Software platform was born, called System II, with new functions to synchronize VideoEEG and up to 128 channels EEGchannels.

1996: The first MYOQUICK unit was developed, designed for EMG/EP.

1998: Micromed developed the System 98, a new Software platform working on the Windows operating systems with a centralized database and DV EEG, EMG and EP functions.

1999: Micromed released SAM 32, a new EEG acquisition systems that defined new standards in terms of size, operational stability and reduced power consumption allowing us to achieve unprecedented battery life for our portable systems.



2002: Micromed released the SystemPLUS, a new product generation combining new EMG/EP systems.

2004: The SD MRI amplifier was developed compatible with fMRI.

2005: Micromed revolutionized the LTM field by introducing the SD LTM with 32-64-128 channels The new amplifier was an all-in-one Amplifier, Wireless Recorder and Holter.

2007: We released the MORPHEUS, a new system dedicated to PSG.

2008: SystemPLUS EVOLUTION is released, a totally new version of the software running under Windows XP. In same year our newest EMG/EP system, MYOQUICK Matrix was also released.

2009: The SD LTM STIM is released setting new standard in the field.

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2010: FullHD Video resolution is introduced by Micromed and becomes the new standard for VideoEEG systems.

2011: The SD LTM EXPRESS is introduced as Micromed’s first 256-channel system dedicated to LTM and research.

2014: The SD PLUS is introduced to again redefine the EEG market standard.

2016: Micromed starts a new period of growth and receives significant financial support from Archimed, a large French investment fund active in Biotech throughout the World.

2017: Micromed opens its first direct offices in Pennsylvania to service and support our growing customer base in North America.

Our Future: Micromed will continue to define the standard for Neurophysiological systems through close relationships with our customers and the best products in the industry.